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This exposure to many different technologies and experiences can make the DBA a valuable IT technician not just for database-related issues, but for other technologies as well. The DBA also must establish policies and procedures pertaining to the management, security, maintenance and use of the database management system. The DBA group creates training materials and instructs employees in the proper usage and access of the DBMS. A database administrator (DBA) is the information technician responsible for directing and performing all activities related to maintaining a successful database environment.

How to learn SQL Server DBA?

  1. If you want to become SQL database administrator then this is the course for YOU.
  2. Here is the course outline:
  3. Section 1 – Introduction.
  4. Section 2 – Download, Install and Configure Windows.
  5. Section 3 – Download, Install and Configure MS SQL Server.
  6. Section 4 – Database Fundamentals and Design.

You will learn about database level and server level auditing as well. Through this course, you will learn to download and restore database on the server. This includes name, phone number, total sales to the customer and more.

Querying a Large Relational Database

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Footnote 1 Beginning with Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 (10.1.2), the DSGATEWAY schema is not used. Refer to Oracle Application Server Certificate Authority Administrator’s Guide for advanced topics in administration. To set a new low https://remotemode.net/become-a-sql-dba-developer/ threshold retention time from the Undo Advisor page, enter the value in New Undo Retention and click OK. In the Recommendations section of the Undo Management page, you can specify a past time period for Oracle to analyze system activity.

SQL Databases

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